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CCNY will provide a full array of services, from preconstruction to project close-out. As Construction Managers, CCNY will provide the following preconstruction services:



During pre-construction, CCNY takes the lead role in coordination the efforts of the various project team members. The basis of coordination will be a defaulted schedule incorporating and showing interdependencies between the activities of the project team members. Overall, project progress will be monitored against this schedule while design progress is measured against a more detailed design schedule. Progress will be reviewed and any recovery action, if required, will be recommended by CCNY at regularly scheduled meetings.

During the entire pre-construction period, we will attend the weekly project team conferences. At these meetings, we will address the issue of design progress, technical aspects of materials and equipment, construction techniques and scheduling, logistics and phasing, as well as ongoing value engineering and cost estimate updates.

During preconstruction, the following purchasing tasks will be performed:

Identification and Purchasing of Long-Lead Items

CCNY will review the design documents and identify long-lead items. We will take actions necessary for the pre-purchase of major materials and equipment so as to expedite construction.

-Verify all warranties

-Establish test orts for water and air

-Balancing record locations of all balancing values

-Confirm all pressure test, Hydro, etc., to help minimize leaking pipe joins and coils

-Review all balancing reports

-Review all document drawings

-Verify operation of Temperature Control System

-Prepare and train operating personnel to ensure that operating and parts manuals are turned over to owner, along with all attic stock

-These are just some areas in which we perform commissioning:

-Documentation Control: We will monitor receipt of all operational manuals, as-build drawings, permits, affidavits, warranties, and other required documents.

-Financial Closeout: We will review and process all final payments and ensure receipt of all release of lien certifications. We will compile a summary of all project expenditures for your information, and assist in fulfilling all release of lien certification requirements.

-Project Turnover: We will educate your personnel in the operation and maintenance of the new facility, while also assisting you in evaluation systems performance during the critical break-in periods.

Calling upon our years of experience dealing with subcontractors, we will orgainze bid lists identifying qualified subcontractors in each trade and submit those lists for your review and approval.

Selection of the appropriate subcontractors is based on a number of factors including:

  • Experience
  • Price
  • Quality of Workmanship
  • Local Availability
  • Financial Capability
  • Financial Capability
  • Current Workload

Organization of Bid Packages
The contract documents are subdivided by CCNY into sequences of dib packages, allowing construction to proceed as quickly as possible as design drawings is completed. All work will be carefully analyzed to ensure that materials and labor are dispatched to the project site at the appropriate time.

Trade Requisitions
Prior to bidding, we will organize a specific list of qualifications, clarification and operating that will be included with the bid documents sent to all bidders. This list contributes to a more comprehensive buyout, limits future change orders, and describes the methods and procedures that all subcontractors must follow to coordinate their work on site. This activity, sometimes ignored by other contractors, substantially increases effective communication between CCNY and the subcontractors prior to award, thereby minimizing costly clarification after contract awards, and enhance the commissioning process. Furthermore, this procedure enables CCNY to actively pursue value-engineering alternatives.


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